Sightseeing and Hiking Trails


The Lake Trail

/ walk or cycle /

A half-day walk, and why not a picnic by the lake.
The hike to the lake over the village is light, and follows forest paths...
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The Vartopite Trail

/ Varshets /

The concentration of pothole landforms per unit area here is the highest in the whole country...

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Septemvriytsi Hiking Trail

Three days after the 1923 Uprisal in September, on the rocks opposite Lakatnik Station, Milan Petrov, Stefan Trifonov, Yordan Kurtev, and Dimitar Boyadjiev found their deaths ...
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Vrachanski Balkan Hiking Trails

/ walk or cycle /

Garvanets Complex is situated on the border of Vratsa Balkan. In this small part of Stara Planina, there are gathered panoramic, steep rocks, marvelous waterfalls and countless caves. On the days of your vacation you can walk or cycle around most of these beauties.

Temnata Dupka Cave

The cave is located on the southeast slope of Mount Koznitsa, northwest of Lakatnik Station on the left bank of the Iskar River, 27 meters above its level in the wall of a rock wreath. Formed ...
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Beglichka Mogila Peak

/ walk or cycle /

The greatest one in the Vratsa Balkan. This trail can be the basis for ...

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Petrensky Dol

Many locals and tourists come here in the summer to escape from the hot sun. From the beginning the path passes in parallel to a ravine by the same name. This area offers many spots for picnics, tents, hammocks, and beaches.

Kobylini walls

A series of limestone rocks of different heights. Climb the ridge for about 30 minutes, then continue along the trail and see the walls on the right.


Jitolyub Karst Spring

It is situated in the foot of the Lakatnishkite Rocks, under Temnata Dupka Cave, 8 km from the Iskar River level. The spring is one of the largest karst springs in the country and is the creation of two underground rivers.