Beglichka Mogila Peak

the greatest one in the Vratsa Balkan. This trail may be the basis for a few more hikes branching out from the hiking trail during the remaining days of your stay with us. Leaving the complex, take east towards Milanovo. Reaching the main road Lakatnik - Varshets, cross and take the forest road as you start hiking in southeast direction, walking around the Ganchova Mogila. In some places there is a pole marking. It is followed by a slight descent and the road goes south-southeast through the forest. Not long after, you will climb a little and you will go out on a small meadow, seeing a forest path from Milanovo - from the southwest. Following the pole marking, you will reach a small shelter and a crushed stone road (Milanovo-Parshevitsa). It will take you no more than 45 minutes, and the place is also suitable for a short picnic walk. Continue along the road and 250 meters to the left you will see a forest path. Leave the broken-stone road (which goes round) and take the road through the forest.
After a short ascent, go out to a pen with a fountain with nice water. From here, the pole marking climbs upward, and you can continue on the path which will take you longer. (1) At the place where the road makes a sharp right turn and takes to the east, a dirt road diverges in a north-west direction. Starting here, at about 45 minutes is Mount Sokolo (Sokolets) - 1373 m. There are two caves in the area- the Chavni. Continue on the way to Parshevitsa Chalet, and after about 500 meters the trail deviates, starting to climb the ridge east. You can go there - there is pole marking, and you can spare the climb and continue for about 2 km along the road. At a sharp left turn, you continue across the meadow southeast, and after 250 meters you go on the path you left a little before climbing up the ridge. On the left and behind you is the Mezdra Peak - 1332 m. A step aside from the path a breathtaking view of Kobylini Walls is revealed, and Beglichka Mogila peak over them. (2) Continuing along the pole marking, you will climb on Parshevitsa Peak - 1431 m. in about 15 minutes. The main road cuts the Parshevitsa Peak from the south and goes to the shore of a small mountain lake - the Lokvi Area. Over the lake there is a peak with a weather station. Many mistake Mount Parshevica for this one because of its proneness, but here the height is 1426 m. For Beglichka mogila you can take on the road just before you reach the lake. The road goes to the side of the Kobylini rocks and will please your eye with heights and shades of green. After about 30 minutes the highest peak of the Vratsa Mountain - Beglishka Mogila Peak - 1481 m. The total time from Garvanets Complex here is 3 hours 45 min. If you do a cycling trail, you will have plenty of time to go for lunch at Parshevitsa Chalet, which is 15 minutes walk north of Beglichka Mogila Peak. It is obligatory that you include in your cycling trail to Beglika Mogila the Borov Kamak waterfalls (63-meter fall), which are only 3.3 km. away from the chalet in the direction of Zgorigrad.